Single Pool Alliance, Step by step registration guide.

The single pool Alliance is a group of Cardano stake pool operators that swear to only run one single pool, pushing the decentralization and real world value of Cardano to the limit.


  • Github Account

Step 1 (Fork the SPA registration repo):

Go to and login with your account.

Navigate to the SPA registration Repo and fork it.

Step 2( Add your pool info):

After the repo has been forked in your namespace click on the registry.json file.

Click edit:

Add your pool information into the json list(Use Copy-paste) from one of the other entries to copy the Json format easily.

Example (do not forget the ‘,’ separator for list entries):

After you added all your information to the list click commit:

Step 3 (Create your pull request):

Click on “Pull requests”:

“New Pull Request”:

“Create Pull Request:”

Give a name and confirm:

If everything is done correctly you should see that all Checks have passed, if it fails something probably is wrong with the format of your Json file. you can use to check it.

If all tests passed correctly one of our GitHub admins will check and verify your registration shortly

Tip: If you have an issue with the tests, you can just change the registry.json file in your fork and the pull request will be updated automatically.

Extra, Delete fork and start from the beginning:

Click Settings under your forked repo:

Scroll all the way down and click “Delete this repository”:

Follow the instructions to start with a fresh fork again.

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